In Ballroom dancing makeup, hairstyle and costumes are playing the same important roles as technical skills. That is why I’m always improving and following the trends. I’m lucky to study with the best teacher:

  •     Nadezda Galkina (St. Petersburg) Top wedding and evening stylist
  •     Anastasia Sergievskaya (Arte-Creo, Moscow) one of the most well known dance makeup artist around the world.
  • Serdar Kambarov studio
  • TABU makeup school (one of the best eyebrow school in Russia)
  • Makeup Atelier Paris School

And I’m glad to share my information and help to create your PERSONAL STYLE!

  •     Makeup & Hairstyle on competitions (40-60 min)
  •     Makeup & Hairstyle workshops, private lessons
  •     Cosmetic, products consultations
  •     Eyebrows modelling and colouring
  •     Day and Evening make up

Telephone:📞 0456493262

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